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Favorite Beatle Poll

One question we get a lot is who is our favorite Beatle. We are but a group of devoted fans, just like you. So, we would like to now ask YOU that question!

We look forward to getting the results, and posting them soon! Share this by reblogging and getting your friends to take the poll. It will close at the end of the month of April, so get to polling!

We Want You

…. to send us your graphics to our empty ask box of something Beatles related! Create your own graphic using your favorite photo, quote, song, or anything Beatles related and it may end up here! Top 25 will be posted starting tonight at Midnight EST, though this will not end until April 23rd at midnight EST

Please do not get crafty and think we do not know that WeHeartIt exists. We know what has been done before, and if we can find your photo on the internet, we will not post nor ever post something from you again. We support artists, obviously, and not thieves. 

Looking forward to seeing your posts!

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Paul (◕‿◕✿)

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John Lennon and his interesting sense of humour. (x)

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